Crossing the social distance – were still working for the places you love

Crossing the social distance – we’re still working for the places you love r1 ...

During this stressful time,
let’s draw strength from nature

Hi Paov,

Our lives have changed remarkably over the past few days and weeks. These times are challenging, unsettling, emotional and stressful for all of us.

A few staff remain in our Vancouver and Victoria offices to respond to your calls — the rest of us are now working from home. Our door-to-door canvass teams have moved to the phones. Our public events and volunteer programs are cancelled until further notice.

We imagine responding to this pandemic is even more challenging for those hit hardest — people working in health care, education, airports, retail, restaurants, folks with increased health risks, others with reduced or no income, Indigenous communities, immigrant communities and others. Our hearts go out to everyone disproportionately affected and our organization is committed to doing everything we can to limit this pandemic’s spread and impact.

Today we need connection to our families, our communities and each other more than ever. As the boots-on-the-ground, people-powered group we’re already feeling the impact of social distancing — we can’t be in your communities, meet you at events, collaborate in person with allies, lead trips into the field or knock on your doors.

It’s in our nature

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