[evoz] action for Guatemala

Dear CASC supporters, A few months ago some of us met with a Guatemalan activist and a supporter about the mine in Guatemala that Pan American Silver had bought. This mine has been the site of peaceful demonstrations by the Xinta people on that region. They have nor been consulted or respected by the Giat. government or the mining company about the damage wrought by this mine. Opposition has been met with brutal violence. PAN AMERICAN is registered in BC and its office is in Vancouver. The AGM which some of us planned to attend was scheduled for early May. It will now b held on line. We can not meet it is still possible to share information and take action for social justice. Please read this article and if you can, follow its suggested actions. http://org.salsalabs.com/o/676/p/dia/action4/common/public/?action_KEY=23926&okay=true I also want to thank those who have expressed concern about me at this time. I have an injured shoulder and am unable to do very much; I am being well cared for and wan for nothing as I try to keep up with the world on my computer – not easy with one hand. I do have trouble with answering email, so I welcome phone calls... – my new number is on my answer machine in Victoria. I hope you are well and in the word's of Dr. Henry: Be kind, be calm, be safe. Yours in solidarity, Terry Wolfwood

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