Stepwin Webinar

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Stepwin Webinar: A Fresh look at Old Principles

Join Arman Mottaghi, BCSEA Board Director and CEO of STEPWIN on Friday, May 15, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. (PST) to learn about Building Science Fundamentals.

The BC Step Code has been bringing high-performance houses to British Columbia, and StepWin is a web-based tool to help builders comply with the code, on budget. So far, StepWin is freely available in 5 BC cities. This free webinar is about building science fundamentals: the keys to cost-effective, high-performance construction. The StepWin team will cover how the software promotes good building science principles in residential construction projects. Over 3 million building design alternatives have been assessed by StepWin since its inception. This massive dataset backs building science principles. The principles that translate to comfortable, durable, and energy-efficient designs while meeting the project's budget and constraints. The team will put a design in StepWin, explain the workflow, and show how the results can be analyzed.

Register here to join the webinar or view the recording at a later date.

Victoria, BC V8T 2L3

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