Introducing the "State of BC Health - June 2020"

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Welcome to the first edition of our ongoing monthly update of the State of BC Health. In these short monthly messages from us, you’ll hear about what's happening provincially in health care and our work, campaigns and resources in support of public health care.

At the BC Health Coalition, we are a small but mighty team committed to defending and strengthening public health care. As a small team, we rely on our coalition allies, partner organizations, and you -- our individual supporter -- to amplify our message and work. In this space, we’ll also bring you interesting and informative analysis that helps you understand our work and why we do it.

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Usman Mushtaq

Organizer - BC Health Coalition

Campaign Update: Covering COVID-19 related medical expenses for all

There is no ‘us’ against ‘them’ in a pandemic. As BC and the world have worked to control the spread and mitigate the effects of COVID-19, it is vital for us to understand that our health is dependent on each other. Barriers to health care, especially for vulnerable populations, only increase risk. Thanks to mobilisation from community members, health care professionals, and BC Health Coalition members like yourself, we can now confirm that the Ministry of Health will cover COVID-19 related hospital care for everyone in BC going forward effective May 7th. Read more HERE.

Take Action: Let Minister Dix know we want public health care solutions to BC’s surgical backlog

Send an email
to Health Minister Dix now asking the government to implement already proven public solutions that build the public capacity of our health care system to deal with elective surgeries, now and far into the future.
Read more HERE.

Opinion: Time to end profit-making in seniors’ care

The coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on serious problems in Canada’s seniors’ care system, as nursing homes quickly became the epicenters of the outbreak. These problems are not only due to the greater vulnerability of seniors to the disease, but also to how care is organized and staffed. Read more HERE and then take action HERE.

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At this moment, we need your support to continue to push forward public health solutions as we navigate the impacts of this pandemic. We can’t do this work without your support. Click on the button below to donate.



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