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Dear friends,

Hope all is well. As I'm sure you know, Trudeau failed to gain a UNSC seat and during the critical but brief political moment following this loss, I am helping to launch a new campaign and accompanying open letter and petition calling... for a fundamental reassessment of Canadian foreign policy. Would you be willing to add your name to this open letter? (below )

Signatories to date: David Suzuki, Leah Gazan, Former MPs Roméo Saganash, Svend Robinson, Libby Davies and Jim Manly have already signed as well Sid Ryan, Ellen Gabriel, Clayton Thomas-Muller, Tim McCaskell, Rinaldo Walcott, Judy Rebick and Richard Parry from Arcade Fire.

By denying the Liberals the UNSC seat, the International community refused to give a vote of confidence to Canada's foreign policy, it's now up to us here at home to demand the actual changes.

I think we are having an impact but we want to use the political space that has opened up to insist upon a public discussion beyond this news cycle about what is being done around the world in our name.

We are planning to launch early next week.

Thanks for considering adding your name, and if you are able to do so pls send a maximum 5 word bio

Very best,


Title: Time to Fundamentally Reassess Canadian Foreign Policy

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

With Canada suffering two consecutive defeats in its effort to gain a UN Security Council seat, the time has come to fundamentally reassess Canadian foreign policy.

Ten years ago, the Conservative government’s loss was largely explained as a rebuke of their support for Washington, mining and oil companies as well as anti-Palestinian policies. The Liberal government promised change, but the world is unconvinced.

Canada lost partly because of its support for controversial mining companies, indifference to International treaties, anti-Palestinian positions, climate policies and militarism. And in recent weeks, thousands of ordinary and prominent people were inspired to sign onto a grassroots effort that drew attention to the many flaws in Canada's foreign policy record.

The world’s rejection of Canada’s bid for a seat on the Security Council is a unique opportunity for a review of Canadian foreign policy.

These 10 questions must be considered as part of a foreign policy reset:

  • Should we have a foreign policy driven by Washington or an independent foreign policy?
  • Should Canada continue to offer financial and diplomatic support to arms exporters or refocus on demilitarization?
  • Should Canadian foreign policy continue to be enmeshed with mining interests abroad?
  • Why has Canada isolated itself from world opinion on Palestinian rights rather than standing for universal human rights?
  • How can we ensure Canada abides by all International treaties protecting Indigenous rights?
  • How can we ensure Canada radically reduces its greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Does Canada’s sanctions policy respect International law?
  • Why is Canada involved in efforts to oust Venezuela’s UN recognized government?
  • Should Canada continue to be part of NATO or instead pursue non-military paths to peace in the world?
  • How can we ensure Canada’s foreign policy has a focus on peace, human rights and overcoming global inequities?

There has not been a formal review of Canadian foreign policy in fifteen years. Let’s use this moment to usher in a new era in which our government’s policies abroad reflect the desire of Canadians to be a force for peace and human rights in the world.



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