Heavily Armed RCMP Patrol Wet'suwet'en Cultural Site

Heavily Armed RCMP Patrol Wet'suwet'en Cultural Site r1 ... FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: RCMP Patrol Wet’suwet’en Cultural Site With Assault Rifles

Cancel Canada Day Rally tomorrow in Vancouver and many other cities!
Armed RCMP surrounding Wet'suwet'en Smokehouse. Coastal Gas Link has claimed the smoke house is in the right of way of their pipeline and called on the RCMP to investigate it.

'“It’s very obvious to us that CGL is using the RCMP yet again as their personal security and they went in to clear the area,” Wickham said. “I don’t know what they expected to find, other than a smokehouse, with such heavy-duty weapons. But there are people in and out of there. We’re planning on getting fish soon. The spring salmon are running. We are going to be actually using that smokehouse to prepare and preserve our food fish.”

“It’s really concerning to us, obviously, that they’re so heavily armed going in there to make sure the site is clear for CGL to post their letters that actually have no weight behind them,” she said. “There’s no reason for them to call RCMP because what we’re doing there is not illegal.”'

Read the full Tyee coverage of the incident here. Rally and March at Vancouver Art Gallery Tomorrow from 3-6 PM

Take an active stand against systemic & overt racism, and follow the hashtag #CancelCanadaDay and idlenomore.ca/cancelcanadaday to find an action near you.

“canada day” is a day of celebration for some. For those who know the history of so-called “canada”, it’s obvious this is not a day of celebration. It’s a day that represents an ongoing genocide of Indigenous peoples.

“canada” was stolen at gunpoint. Any and all treaties made, have been broken. The colonial system has been imposed through attempts of forced assimilation.

Suppression and oppression of Indigenous peoples came through land theft enforced by the #NorthwestMountedPolice (today known as the BC RCMP), weaponized starvation, #ResidentialSchools (the “kill the Indian in the child” method), medical testing without anaesthesia, beatings when people spoke our languages, the #SixtiesScoop, forced or coerced sterilization, inaction in regards to Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls #MMIW #MMIWG, mass incarceration, criminalization of culture #PotlatchBan, criminalization of #LandDefenders & #WaterProtectors, ongoing displacement to reserves, boil water advisories, enabled & encourage racially motivated violence (by elected officials), and no justice when attacks occur... and so much more.

These are not part of a “proud past”. These are acts of genocide that continue today - via forced assimilation & colonization only through which the state can exist. These are the reasons we need to #CancelCanadaDay ✊
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