Sunday July 26th Friends of Cuba Event

Friends and Supporters,

The time has come once again for our annual July 26th event. Every year in the last 26th years we’ve been celebrating and commemorating one of the greatest revolutions that ever took place in the Americas in our community. This year the celebration is needed more than ever since Cuba, the only country on the globe, that has been able to send its doctors to 30 countries to save lives combatting the COVID pandemic. Under a cruel and genocidal blockade that the US keeps constantly tightening against a poor country like Cuba, this achievement is remarkable.
In a world where military expenditures are taken more seriously than saving lives, and where selfishness and consumption thrive, the solidarity and friendship that Cuba shares with humanity is truly astonishing.
This event will be a fundraiser to purchase catheters for Cuban children and surgical gloves requested by Cuban hospitals. This is the least we can do to show our solidarity with Cuba.
This event will be in open air at the Esquimalt Gorge Park. Masks are recommended. We are taking precautions to be safe.
We hope you, your family and friends can join us for this even, weather permitting.
If you are joining us please... let us know so we can prepare the right amount of food.
Always in Solidarity, Victoria Friends of Cuba

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