Are you concerned the toxins in our air and water? Petition to strengthen the Canadian Environmental Protection Act!

The federal government is seriously considering strengthening the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). The Prime Minister has mandated the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to amend CEPA, the legislation that regulates toxins in our air and water.

Securing enough signatures on this petition will compel the government to respond to us. More importantly, a petition that many Canadians sign could empower the government to introduce legislation to strengthen CEPA quickly, hopefully by December 2020.

With the ever-increasing negative effects of pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change, we believe urgency is called for!

If you believe we have the right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water , and live in a healthy community then please sign House of Commons petition 2758 to support the government to strengthen CEPA.

Here is the link:

I am also asking that your organization share this petition on your social media channels and with... your email list, asking your supporters to sign it. I have attached to this email 2 social media postcards, and have added below possible post copy, your organization can use to ask your supporters to sign the petition.

Note, this is a House of Commons petition and all people who have signed it will receive an email from the House of Commons to verify that they signed the petition. If people don’t see the verification after signing, the need to check their trash or spam folder.

CEPA Petition Card 1 post copy: Canada’s main environmental law (the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, or CEPA) regulates toxins in our air and water. And it’s 20 years out-of-date! Government plans to update CEPA soon, so we need to make sure it protects our air, water and communities. Sign this House of Commons petition to help ensure an updated CEPA means the right to a healthy environment for everyone in Canada.

CEPA Petition Card 2 post copy: You wouldn’t use a cell phone that’s this outdated, would you? Then why are we relying on a 20-year-old law to regulate the toxins in our air and water? Our main environmental law (CEPA) hasn’t been updated since 1999! But it’s time is here – the Prime Minister has given a mandate to update it this year. It’s time to #fixCEPA to include the right to a healthy environment for everyone in Canada. Sign this House of Commons petition and add your voice

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