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The Leap turns five!

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The Leap

Tuesday, September 15th marks the five-year anniversary of the launch of The Leap Manifesto. On that day in Toronto, representatives from Canada’s Indigenous rights, environmental, social and food justice groups, faith-based and labour movements came together to call for a just transition in Canada based on a simple principle: care for the earth and one another. The idea that we could build a different kind of economy in a country like Canada -- not in 2050, but starting now -- was considered radical, utopian and a bit dangerous at the time. Today, it just feels commonsense.

On behalf of the whole team at The Leap, I want to thank you Supa, for being part of this journey with us over the years. As The Leap’s new Communications Manager, it’s been a lot of fun digging through the archives to prepare for our birthday celebration -- and I’m pretty excited about what we have to share.

So here’s my ask: for our birthday, will you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our NEW TikTok account so you can join the celebration?

There’s going to be contests, funny videos, highlights and lowlights from our past five years. We will be taking you back to our proudest moments, and shouting out some of our loudest haters. You’re not going to want to miss this.

Supa, I’m looking forward to celebrating with you this week -- and please do comment on some of our posts to let us know what your favourite moments from The Leap’s first five years have been.

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In solidarity,

Arshia Lakhani

Communications Manager, The Leap


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