Tell BC to stop sabotaging endangered caribou

Tell BC to stop sabotaging endangered caribou r1 ...

Cancel the Argonaut Creek cutblocks

Hello Paov,

The rainforest in the Argonaut Creek, north of Revelstoke is an incredible place, with giant ancient cedars — but something is amiss there. The BC government is auctioning off endangered caribou’s old-growth habitat for logging while restoring habitat less than two km away. Talk about bizarre.

Either the BC government is inept or it knows exactly what it’s doing. It looks like the government is putting restoration in the public spotlight while sneakily destroying habitat at the same time.

There are 14 cutblocks planned to be auctioned but the only destruction done so far is a five-km stretch of road. This valley is still largely intact. Cancelling these cutblocks would save this old-growth ecosystem. Tell the government to stop the sale of the Argonaut Creek cutblocks today before it’s too late!

Write now! Take a look at our video where we document a shocking discovery that BC Timber Sales (BCTS), the BC government's own logging agency, is preparing to auction off old growth cutblocks in the critical habitat of the endangered North Columbia herd. Early this summer the BC government announced over $1 million for caribou habitat restoration projects. Roughly $33,000 of that money is going towards the Bigmouth Valley, where the Argonaut Creek cutblocks are proposed.

The BC government is sabotaging their own recovery efforts, and caribou, by logging intact habitat right next door to habitat restoration. There are 14 cutblocks being auctioned, 12 of which lie in critical habitat for the herd. The area set to be logged is speckled with caribou telemetry (or tracking) data which provides evidence caribou use the area. Tell government to cancel the cutblocks The rainforest in interior BC is an ecological jewel along the eastern edge of the province — we can’t let it be destroyed by logging.

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