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Dear Paov,

October 24th is Election Day in British Columbia. By now, we are in the middle of this short provincial election campaign season!

This election is unlike any other previous election, coming in the middle of a pandemic, which is why it is so important for us to advocate for public health care in BC. If we don’t elect a provincial government dedicated to strengthening public health care, we could see many more seniors suffering in long term care facilities while the government cuts back on their commitments to community-based health care in this province.

But, if enough of us hold the candidates in this election accountable by asking for their commitments to seniors' care, Community Health Centres, and public solutions to improve our health care system, we can ensure that a future provincial government will protect and strengthen public health care.

To help voters decide which candidate to support, the BCHC has developed an election campaign that focuses on three priority health care issues: advocating for Community Health Centres, improving Seniors' Care, and pushing for... public solutions to improve our health care system. Our goal in this campaign is to provide voters with information on where their candidates stand on these three key healthcare issues. With advance polls opening on October 15, we encourage you to act as quickly as possible on our campaign.

You can go to our website at to get more information on what questions to ask candidates, background information on each issue you can share, and a report back form to share candidates' responses with us.

Please see a template email below that you can forward to your family and friends as well.

Closer to the election we’ll report back to you on where candidates stand on the key issues of seniors' care, Community Health Centres, and public solutions instead of for-profit interests in our health care.

In the meantime, you can help make public health care an election priority in 2020 even more by inviting your friends and family to ask their candidates. Start today by using the template email at the bottom of this message.

Please continue to help make public health care a priority in the 2020 BC election.

With gratitude,

Ed Staples

on behalf of the BC Health Coalition Steering Committee


Template email to send to friends and family:

Dear Friend,

I just asked candidates in my riding for their stance on improving seniors' care using the information on

Coming in the middle of a pandemic and only a month after the landmark Cambie decision protecting public health care, this election is really important for health care in BC. We have seen too many heartbreaking stories from our long term care homes while for-profit clinics offer COVID-19 tests for pay. It’s clear this is a crucial time for health care in BC.

We need your help. We need to hold candidates accountable for their promises and for them to clearly tell us where they stand on three key health issues: seniors' care, Community Health Centres, and for-profit interests in our public health care system.

Can you join me in asking candidates to go on the record on where they stand around improving seniors' care, advocating for Community Health Centres, and using public solutions to improve our public health care??

As a growing number of people ask their candidates, we’ll push all the provincial parties to make public health care a priority during and after this election.

Thank you!

British Columbia Health Coalition · 3102 Main St, 302, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories, BC V5T 3G7, Canada
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