National Call to Action Nov 23 - 29!

National Call to Action Nov 23 - 29! r1 ... Indigenous Land Defenders from Coast to Coast are under attack and calling for a National week of action in solidarity with their struggles!

National Call out for actions where you live November 23rd-29th

Gidemt'en Checkpoint, Tiny House Warriors, 1492 Land Back Lane, Kanienkehaka Land Back Camp, Mikmaq 1752 frontline, and Protect the Inlet are all calling for action!

Please watch and share this powerful call out video and organize within your community! Coast to Coast Call to Action

"The Indigenous people of the land have been under attack ever since the first invaders came to our shores. We have been defending our lands and protecting our waters for generations.

We have never stopped and we never will. Our laws demand that we uphold our sacred responsibilities, not only for ourselves, but the next seven generations. Our fight and love for our land and our people connect all Indigenous people.

From coast to coast we are united. We must stand in solidarity and defend our relatives that are being attacked by these invaders. Invaders that intend on destroying our land and water for profit and impeding our right to be free people.

As Indigenous grassroots people, on the frontlines, we call on you to join us in solidarity from Nov 23-29 as a national call to action to support and respect our sovereignty.

We call on you to demand justice for our people, to hold the companies committing acts of genocide accountable through direct action and rallies where you are.

We are one, we are united, and we will fight, together."
If you have actions organized locally you would like us to promote send us an email!

Unsure about how to go about organizing an action?
Check out the Supporter toolkit and try to connect with people in your community who have already been organizing!

Fundraising for Unist'ot'en and Gidemt'en

The Solstice is just over a month away and the winter holidays are drawing near. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift that supports the Wet'suwet'en struggle check out Solidarity Art Space for wonderful gifts.

The store features a brand new design, "Raised by Bears", by contest winner Lindsy Belcourt.

The project is entirely volunteer run and all funds go directly to the Unist'ot'en and Gidimt'en. Supporter toolkit


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