A WIN! Your support saves caribou critical habitat

A WIN! Your support saves caribou critical habitat r1 ...

Argonaut Creek cutblocks
halted due to public outcry

Hi Paov,

Your activism and support pack a powerful punch. Never have I seen such a fast-moving and effective campaign to save habitat. Thank you.

Here is the inspiring story of what we can achieve when we work together.

In September we discovered the BC government’s logging agency BC Timber Sales was up to no good. They had a catastrophic plan to log 12 old-growth cutblocks in critical habitat of the endangered North Columbia caribou herd. Even worse, the blocks were located less than two km away from active habitat restoration — supposedly meant to recover this herd.

Later that month, we set out with our friends at Echo Conservation Society to investigate the cutblocks. What we found confirmed our fear the government was planning to go ahead with logging.

We found road-building. We found beautiful old-growth trees marked for the taking. And we documented it all. As soon as we got back we went to work on creating a video. We released the story, sending it far and wide. We got the attention of all sorts of media from GlobalTV to The Narwhal.

The public outcry from you and others came like a tidal wave. People contacted me from all across BC ready to take action to help save the forests. Together with Echo Conservation and Wildsight, we sent over 3,000 letters to elected officials telling them to stop the cutblocks.

And we did. Last week we broke the news the BC government has halted the logging of 276 hectares and more than 10 km of new road until the provincial mountain caribou herd planning process is complete. Thanks to you this hidden ecological jewel resting beneath the Argonaut Mountain will, for now, remain intact for endangered caribou.

We cannot stop here. We need to get the remaining three cutblocks halted and then push to permanently protect this habitat through the herd planning process.
Will you chip in to support this campaign? You can see what our on the ground investigations achieve, but we need your support to keep doing this. Thanks to you, these deep snow dwelling reindeer of the North Columbia herd will have a safer habitat this holiday.

For the wildlife,
Charlotte Dawe
Conservation and Policy Campaigner
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