One-day phone blitz for forests!

One-day phone blitz for forests!

It's Big Tree Tuesday

Hi Paov,

Last fall, the BC government promised to protect old-growth forests. But in the months since, the clearcutting of these non-renewable forests has continued unabated.

To let the government and industry know the public expects action on this promise, we’re kicking off a series of Phone Blitzes for the forest, and the first one is TODAY!

☎️ CALL NOW! This will be a repeating tactic, on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, with a different target each time! The collection of watersheds including Gordon River, Fairy Creek and the legendary Walbran Valley contain some of the best remaining old-growth in the province. These valleys sit within the unceded territory of the Pacheedaht Nation. And this area has been the focus of forest defenders who’ve held down blockades and camps since last August — the longest direct action in the woods in decades.

The BC government has allowed Teal Jones to continue clearcutting old-growth forests in this area despite its election promise.

Here's how it works: Click here for our calling tool and a sample script and all the info you'll need to demand a halt to old-growth logging, on the South Island and across the province.

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