BC seeking feedback on plans to log more caribou habitat

BC seeking feedback on plans to log more caribou habitat r1 ...

14 cutblocks of critical habitat
on the chopping block

Hi Paov,

We’ve found more plans to log caribou critical habitat, this time in the habitat of the endangered Central Selkirk herd. The logging plans are up for public consultation and we need to be strong in opposition to them.

Write your letter today! The four logging plans up for consultation are Lake Creek, Duncan Lake, Glacier Creek and Crawford Creek — together they total 14 cutblocks in critical habitat. Data shows caribou are as close as 220 meters from the areas set to be logged. Below are images showing two of the plans. Lake Creek Duncan DWS Last year, we flooded BC Timber Sales emails with concerns over logging plans. We got them to halt most logging in Argonaut Creek, but it seems they’ve moved from that location and are onto the next.

Help protect caribou today and write into the consultation. Write now! Southern mountain caribou are at risk of extinction and it’s because habitat destruction continues to obliterate their homes. If the provincial government is serious about saving caribou, they must stop putting cutblocks right in the middle of caribou habitat.

For the caribou,
Charlotte Dawe
Conservation and Policy Campaigner
Wilderness Committee r0.

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