[evoz] Audio of Jan 15 Cafe Simpatico - Next Cafe Feb 26

Dear CASC supporters,

Our Café Simpatico Zoom meetings have had a good response. If you missed our Café with Wendy Mendez and Carmen Miranda Barrios on January 15: here is the link tpo the google file of their talk: Guatemala: Human Rights Update : audio_only.m4a https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M2j_o4e_qwLgIz9wM5ULZud7cflgF3kq/view?usp=drive_web

And some information about the presenters.

Wendy Mendez

Wendy Mendez is a human rights defender, founder of the grassroots

organization HIJOS Guatemala (sons and daughters of the disappeared), and petitioner before the Inter American Human Rights Courts in the Military Diary Case.

Carmen Miranda-Barrios.

Came to Canada in the early 90s and landed in Halifax, N. S. Made her way from east to west with the goal of finding other Guatemalan exiles who were living in Vancouver and joined the Women group "Nuestra Voz" and worked with Canadian and Guatemalan women to raise funds to send to women grassroots groups back home.

And tune into our next Zoom on Mexico Feb. 26

With Laura Carlsen of the Americas Program. A detailed information will be posted soon

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