Forest minister must protect forests!

Forest minister must protect forests! r1 ...

It’s the final BIG TREE TUESDAY phone blitz

Hi Paov,

One more time, with feeling!

The provincial government is feeling the heat from your calls as they continue to permit the destruction of non-renewable old-growth forests, despite promising to protect them in the last election.

This week we’re targeting BC’s forest minister, Katrine Conroy because her ministry oversees the destruction of old-growth forests.

Call her today and demand this government take real action to protect old-growth forests now!

Make my call! The provincial government tasked an independent panel to review BC’s old-growth policy, and the panel called for a ‘paradigm shift’ in the way forests are managed. All forest policy is the responsibility of the forest minister, and it’s Conroy’s job to implement that shift.

It’s time for the minister of forests to keep this government’s promises and protect threatened old-growth forests now. Make my call! After you make your call, use email or social media to invite your friends — the more people who take to the phones, the better. We need a just transition to sustainable second-growth forestry that honours and upholds Indigenous sovereignty and respects ecological limits. We have a right to demand this. So take a few minutes to make your Big Tree Tuesday call today!

For the wild,
Torrance Coste
National Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee r0.

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