16 billion reasons to ditch Site C

16 billion reasons to ditch Site C r1 ...

Still time to back out of this boondoggle

Hi Paov,

Has your MLA heard from you that the Site C dam is a stinker of a project that needs to be stopped? Do they know the estimated cost of building the dam has recently ballooned to $16 billion?

Write my letter today! $16 billion dollars is such a big number it's hard to fathom. So here's some help. One million seconds is 12 days. One billion seconds is 31 years.
16 billion seconds is 496 years! All of the Site C dam debt is backed by you, me, our kids and grandkids. The dam would produce a massive amount of high-cost electricity we don't need and could only sell at a huge loss. Power usage since 2005 has been flat thanks to power-saving measures BC businesses and residents like you have undertaken. Adding on electric cars, electric home heating and other climate initiatives won’t require the massive Site C dam to be put in place. The BC government keeps telling us it's too late to back away from this dam disaster — but that's not true. So far BC has spent about $6 billion on the Site C dam boondoggle. We could still walk away and pay off their mistake over 30 years — and save at least $10 billion!

At some point, we will need new power production but not as big as the Site C dam and with a greater reliance on renewable technologies like wind, solar and zero-energy buildings.

Of course, there are other good reasons to ditch the Site C dam.

West Moberly First Nations has a Treaty Rights case alleging the Site C dam and two previous dams on the Peace River constitute an unjustifiable infringement of Treaty Rights. The trial begins in March 2022 and is expected to last about six months. We’ll be supporting West Moberly and updating you along the way.

Site C would flood so much farmland that it would be the largest destruction of farmland since the Agricultural Land Reserve was formed in the 1970s.

Write now and let your MLA read what you think about the most expensive hydro dam in Canadian history. The Site C dam. Too expensive in public debt. Too expensive in loss of farmland. Too expensive in impacts on Indigenous Peoples' human rights.

For the wild,
Joe Foy
Protected Areas Campaigner
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