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Rainforest Flying Squad Injuction Granted

A warm welcome to those of you new to this list. We will be keeping you up to date on how you can help protect the old growth rainforests on Pacheedaht territory. We are grateful as visitors to the unceeded Pacheedaht territory for the welcome to do this work on your territory. We seek to do it with utmost respect for the land and all its relations, human and nonhuman.

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Dear friends and movement supporters,

This is no April Fool's joke. This morning at BC Supreme Court Justice Veerhoeven granted an injunction that will subject ancient forest defenders to arrest and forcible removal for defending the last stands of ancient forests at Fairy creek and elsewhere on Pacheedaht territory. Eight months of die-hard blockades and the tireless efforts of a community of supporters growing daily to protect forest ecosystems 10,000 years in the making, are under attack with an order from the court to back down or face arrest.

We will not be fooled by government lies, false promises and doublespeak. We will not be deterred. We know a new story can be told in which these last, rare ancient forests and their precious beauty, biodiversity and critical role as globally significant carbon sinks and as sacred places of prayer, sources of salmon and medicine for Indigenous peoples, can win protection in a climate emergency that demands we safeguard all ancient forests everywhere, now!.

We know more and more people each day are rising up prepared to risk arrest to uphold the blockades preventing road access into the headwaters of the unlogged Ada'itsx/Fairy Creek watershed and the clear cut logging of critically endangered last stands of ancient temperate rainforest at the RFS frontlines in the Fairy, Gordon, Bugaboo, Walbran and Caycuse watersheds. We know there are many ways to participate in this struggle that do not risk arrest and that for every person who chooses to boldly defend the forest in the face of an injunction and arrest, there are at least five other people needed to fulfill the many non-arrrestable roles that sustain on-going bold action for the forest and all its inhabitants.

We know we can and must do this in accordance with the public health orders for preventing the spread of COVID in our frontline community of forest protectors and beyond. Only a single case and there would be nobody left to protect the forest as we would all be required to be in quarantine!

Your peaceful presence is welcomed by Pacheedaht elder Bill Jones and organizers with the Rainforest Flying Squad to help defend the forest in the face of the injunction. Please mobilize ASAP to our intake HQ at the bottom of Granite main (near Pacific Marine) 7 kilometres down from River camp ( see map below), the site of the blockade that went up on August 17th to protect the headwaters of Fairy Creek from road-building. There you can receive directions from on-site organizers where to go next. At the moment we have no certainty where industry will arrive with RCMP escort and need to come together and be nimble and ready to sustain this epic grassroots last stand where people are most needed!

Come prepared to be fully self-sufficient in food, shelter and appropriate clothing and footwear for cold wet weather and to practise no trace camping, pack it in and pack it out. Firewood will be provided and people are encouraged to have their own fires amongst their COVID pods. Covid- compliant camp spots are being developed. Legal observers are being deployed to monitor police conduct and designated police liaisons to be the only ones on site that talk to RCMP. If police try and talk you up to gather intel, tell them to talk to our police liaisons. If you have them, please bring chainsaws, solar tech, building tools, large tarps, rope, large colourful banners and other supplies to share for communal infrastructure.

Ensure that you have read and become familiar with the LAST STAND handbook (click the link below) for info on campaign objectives and chronology of events; code of conduct; legal rights, risks and consequences of participating in civil disobedience; COVID protocols; and low-impact camping in black bear country.

Rainforest Flying Squad Handbook

Travelling on rough logging roads can be dangerous. We highly recommend that everyone make an extra effort to drive safely, svp!

While we recognize the importance of celebration, spirit and joy on the frontlines, this is not a festival. This is a frontline struggle. Everyone must have their wits about them at all times, avoid illicit drugs and alcohol and never lose sight of the need for utmost covid and physical safety. So mask up to defend the ancient temperate rainforests! People refusing to respect these protocols can be asked to leave.

If you plan to risk arrest, please write the following phone number on your arm to talk to a lawyer, as is your right if taken into custody.

Access Pro Bono Legal Aid Services:


If you are planning to risk arrest, please let us know which camp you will be going to and when. Please sign the form ( below) either online or at intake and we will follow up to provide legal support as best we can! This includes adding you to an arrestees listserve to provide information and updates that will help you navigate through the court system after your arrest.

Release Form

If you are interested in playing other key non-arrestable roles, there are also some notes attached about the legal observing and police liaison work. Let us know if you like to do any of that or to help facilitate orientation circles at camp, speak with media, drive to pick people up when they are released from custody if need be or have a vehicle that allows you to serve as a runner bringing news and materials between camps.

Thank you for your on-going courage, generosity and the love that drives one to take a stand like this!

We can do this!

In solidarity,

Rainforest Flying Squad

Pacheedaht Territory

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