Kootenay Lake forest needs your help

Kootenay Lake forest needs your help r1 ...

Help save Kootenay Lake's endangered forest

Hi Paov,

It is vitally important that we step up to help our friends all over BC to fight back against a logging industry that seemingly knows no respectful limits.

The BC government is gearing up to log the beautiful Argenta-Johnsons Landing Face near Kootenay Lake. You and I need to fight for this important area and get it protected!

Write my letter today! On the northern end of beautiful Kootenay Lake, between the communities of Argenta and Johnsons Landing, is a 6,200-hectare area of low and mid-elevation forest. It’s surrounded on three sides by the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park, which is the largest protected wilderness in southeast BC.

The forest is home to critical old-growth groves and endangered wildlife habitats. It forms a spectacular view from the lakeshore campsites in Kootenay Lake Provincial Park. There are old-growth larch tree groves that are several hundred years old and glow golden in the autumn light — simply spectacular.

The BC government recently approved a cluster of five cutblocks and associated logging roads in this area, known locally as the Argenta-Johnsons Landing Face, despite strong local and provincial opposition to the logging plan. TAKE ACTION Let the BC government know it must cancel this terrible logging plan and work with First Nations to protect the Argenta-Johnsons Landing Face. Write your letter today!

For the wild,
Joe Foy
Protected Areas Campaigner
Wilderness Committee P.S. A donation at this time will help fund a photography and research expedition into the spectacular Argenta-Johnsons Landing Face as we continue to fight for its protection. r0.

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