State of BC Health - May

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State of BC Health May 2021

Your monthly update from the BC Health Coalition

UPDATE BCHC continues advocacy on Pharmacare and paid sick days

BC Health Coalition members participated in the Canadian Health Coalition's Pharmacare lobby days. Big Pharma pays professionals to argue their side. We show up for our families, friends, colleagues and communities. People who lost their jobs or benefits due to COVID-19 need Pharmacare now more than ever. No coverage means avoidable suffering and pressure on our ERs.

Jagmeet Singh meets with BCHC members

The BC Health Coalition has also been supporting the BC Federation of Labour's calls for a made-in-BC plan for paid sick days for all workers. Read the full response to the BC Government's commitment of permanent, paid sick leave here.



Tune... into our webinar to defend public health care in the Cambie trial

Public health care is once again under threat as Dr. Brian Day and his supporters have appealed the BC Supreme Court’s landmark 2020 decision that resoundingly affirmed the importance of public health care in Canada.
Be sure to register for our webinar here.

Sign your organization up to support Sanctuary Health Vancouver's letter

Workers and students with "Maintained Status" are allowed under immigration law to live, work and study in Canada while their applications to renew permits are in process. The government cut MSP coverage to people in this situation in July 2017. During the pandemic, they brought in temporary policies to reinstate coverage to people with Maintained Status who request it, but have been quietly increasing restrictions on these policies, cutting people off.
If you are a member of an organization, please consider reading their full letter here and signing your organization's name to the open letter here by MAY 26TH.

OPINION Why the Hold Up on Paid Sick Days? It’s about Power

"Real paid sick days, as a right of employment, are not rocket science," writes CCPA senior economist Alex Hemingway. "You tell your boss you’re sick, you stay home and you get paid as usual. But a majority of Canadians don’t have access to paid sick days. Low-wage workers are the most likely to be left twisting in the wind".
Read the full opinion piece at The Tyee here.


  • Island Health continues to ignore concerns Re: North Vancouver Island hospitals labs. Thousands of people have expressed their concerns to Island Health, Ministry of Health and politicians regarding significant, serious problems in our North Vancouver Island Hospitals Labs caused by unnecessary centralization of clinical pathology to a private for profit Victoria based corporation. Read press release HERE.
  • Hospice Month Wildflower Bloom Campaign
    On May 3, the BC Hospice Palliative Care Association (BCHPCA) kicked off Hospice Month with our first annual Wildflower Bloom Campaign to help raise awareness and funds for hospices across the province and territory. For more information, please visit their website HERE.
  • Health care providers, advocates sound alarm over stalled action on pharmacare. Read more HERE.
  • COVID-19: Leaked reports show B.C. health authorities withholding data from the public. B.C. doesn’t make anywhere near the same level of detail available to the public as other provinces. READ MORE.
  • Why Is Surrey BC’s Hottest COVID Spot? Here’s Why Communities Become Hotspots. Read more HERE and HERE.
  • "A Year in Review: Towards a New (Bio)ethics?" gathers interdisciplinary scholars, ethicists, and computational scientists for critical discussion about COVID-19 and the push for tech “solutions,” with a focus on Black and Indigenous communities. Find the event HERE.

HERE to donate to the BC Health Coalition

Donations by cheque can be made out to BC Health Coalition and mailed to BC Health Coalition 302-3102 Main Street Vancouver BC V5T 3G7.

If you would like to set up monthly donations by cheque, please fill out this Donation Form and mail it in with a void cheque.


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