[evoz] Obituary: Bev Wood

Dear Friends of CASC,
Longtime CASC activist and volunteer Bev Wood passed away on Sunday, July 4, 2021, just 2 weeks after her 91st birthday. Bev's family asked we share news of her death with CASC friends and supporters. Thanks to John Hillian for this tribute to Bev Wood.

Bev was very prominent in the early history of CASC, consistently and faithfully attending regular meetings and special events organized in response to the terrible events of the day. She was excited by, and became good friends and promoters of the Guatemalan folk group Kin Lalat when they visited in the 80's. To deepen her understanding, Bev spent a month in Nicaragua in 1985 with the Witness for Justice and Peace program sponsored by the Christian Task Force on Central America. Motivated by her strong Christian faith, she was an active member of St. Saviour's Anglican church in Esquimalt, she relayed the news of events in Central America and the local work of CASC to the congregation. Once Cafe Simpatico started, Bev took on the role of organizing the volunteers to run the coffee house. It was a position she capably held for many years, and, as Tim says, "always with a... kindly twinkle in her eye." Bev also developed a reputation as a careful and scrupulous proof reader for the committee newspaper, La Voz. She shared her feelings and opinions freely and strongly at meetings but was always a steadfast and loyal supporter of the work of the committee. What many CASC members won't know was Bev's openness and humanity in sharing her home and her resources with people she met who were struggling either with mental health or addictions, or with gender identity. She got to know many people living on the margins of society, especially when she lived for a time in the west end of Vancouver. In this respect and in her acceptance of others, Bev was well ahead of her time.
Already in her later years and experiencing the beginnings of some health concerns, Bev famously made 2 trips to India, and even visited Mother Teresa in Calcutta, a happening that not only spoke of Bev's faith, but also of her tenacity. On her first trip to India, still involved in Cafe Simpatico, Bev phoned the coffee house to make sure everything was running smoothly, but also just to be in touch with her solidarity community back home. It was a historic call with the sounds of cars honking and people talking on a busy street in India, and then on our end the sounds of loud salsa music playing and conversations going on in the busy coffee house.
Along with Bill and Gudren Doherty, and Andree Scott, Bev was honoured for her long time commitment to CASC in a ceremony at Cafe Simpatico in 2014. Bev's family told me they treasure the certificate that we gave her at that time.
The family will plan a memorial for Bev, but so far, there are no details. If you have a memory of Bev, or wish to send a condolence to the family, the address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted by John Hillian

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