Petition to Joe Biden countering Misinformation about Cuba

Hi Friends,
Here’s a petition worth signing that was initiated by Cuban scientists countering the misinformation Joe Biden is spreading against the Cuban healthcare system.
It only takes a few minutes to sign it.
Thank you,In solidarity,Victoria Friends f Cuba
Stand with Cuba:Sign the Open Letter from Cuban Scientists to U.S. President Joe BidenA little over a week ago, hundreds of Cuban scientists and medical personnel sent an open letter to U.S. President Joe Biden, asking him to cease his hostile and unjustified attacks on Cuba's vaccines and vaccination programs. The letter (full text here) asks Biden to adopt an attitude of cooperation instead of confrontation when overcoming the Covid pandemic as well as other challenges, and to end not only the 243 punitive measures added by Trump, but the entire blockade of Cuba as well.
Now Cuba is asking "scientists, doctors, and concerned citizens" from all around the world (that's you!) to add their names to this open letter. We urge all our supporters to respond to this request. Click here to sign. [Note: when the form... asks you to select country, if you're from the U.S., look for "Estados Unidos", not "United States of America"!]

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