To those who believe RCMP are on the side of the Law

You are sadly misinformed and must not be carefully following what is going on or are just too biased to care. The officer who tripped backwards down an incline on Saturday was not assaulted, not even close. His injuries actually pale in comparison to the dozens of people who have been badly hurt as the result of deliberate assaults suffered at the hands of RCMP over the past three months. A huge number of arrests have been catch and release, where people are violently thrown down, dragged, shoved, pounced, punched ,choked, knees on chest--and as on Saturday pepper-sprayed with the clear intent to harm peaceful protestors --and then no charges are laid. That is because hundreds of people, including legal observers, media, medics not directly contravening the terms of the injunction that stipulates that you cannot block logging or be within 50 metres of industrial machinery, are being wrongfully arrested, forcibly removed, roughed the f*ck up and then released without any paperwork, no scheduled court appearances, no bail conditions, nothing. They are arrested because they are found within arbitrary and temporary exclusion zones that the cops set up across major roads in the Renfrew area which Justice Thompson recently ruled... in BC Supreme Court are unlawful in that they prevent public access access to "Crown" land. In the face of this ruling the RCMP are ramping up the unlawful arrests more violently than before. This shows that they, are acting above the law which they are sanctioned to enforce, not a good thing for society as that is the very definition of a police state. So who will police the police. If it looks like people are resisting arrest its is because they know damned well by now that those arrests are unlawful and that their civil rights are being trampled out there. That is why they are not being charged with resisting arrest. In fact, they are not being charged at all! They are being illegally and forcibly removed. So please try at least to find out what the situation on the ground is before passing such facile judgment.

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