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Dear Paov --

Earlier this month with rumors of a federal election being called, we asked for your support in improving our public health care system by becoming a monthly donor.

The rumors were true! As we make plans to leverage this federal election to win change, we also know that deep systemic change takes time, consistent public pressure, and ongoing accountability. The best way to support the ongoing movement for deep systemic change in public health care is to become a sustaining monthly donor.

Will you become a monthly donor via credit card by clicking on the button below? Be sure to select "Monthly" in the amount section so your donation occurs monthly.

Become a monthly donor

If you would prefer to become a monthly donor by direct deposit or cheque, please download and fill out the donation form... HERE and mail it in along with a voided cheque.

Our work goes beyond this federal election. As you know, there is still much more that we need to do to push for deep, long-lasting systemic change in health care. We have heard from many of you how the public health care system does not always meet your needs. We want to change that. In these summer months, we have been laying the groundwork for an active Fall 2021 continuing to organize & advocate for a better public health care system. Monthly donors allow us to invest in research, strategy, and relationship-building with new allies.

Thank you for working with us to lay the foundation we need to improve our public health care system!

In solidarity,
Usman Mushtaq, BC Health Coalition

British Columbia Health Coalition · 3102 Main St, 302, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories, BC V5T 3G7, Canada
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