22 Aug 2021-Fairy Creek-RCMP violently arrest 4 people the side of logging road

It is with dismay that we learn of yet another unlawful arrest today by rogue RCMP militarized forces at Fairy creek-targetting more Indigenous land defenders. Our friend Paul Chiyokten Wagner who has been leading prayerful ceremony on the frontlines through some difficult times and in the face of police brutality and the wanton destruction of protection camp infrastructure along Granite main, was brutally thrown down along with friends, cuffed, bound and arrested while holding ceremony on the roadside near the Red Dresses, presenting no impediment to industry or breach of the injunction whatsoever, like hundreds of people who have been unlawfully arrested and released without charges after being roughed up and subject to inhumane conditions. This happened only 24 hours after he offered cedar bough cleansing to 5 RCMP officers after a brutal attack on peaceful forest protectors with pepper-spray, Saturday morning. The illegal RCMP, purporting to uphold their own colonial laws and ensure public safety are clearly doing neither at Ada'itsx/Fairy Creek.

Photo credit: Arvin Outside

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