Hold your candidates feet to the fire on climate

Hold your candidates’ feet to the fire on climate r1 ...

Questions to ask this federal election

Hi Paov,

It’s been a long, hot summer across Canada, with people losing their lives and livelihoods to climate change. More than ever, parties in this election need to lay out a plan to keep people safe.

We need to eliminate fossil fuels before they destroy our planet. That’s not an exaggeration or a radical statement. That’s an exact quote from the United Nations Secretary General following the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. Yet politicians refuse to be so blunt.

Now, they’re asking us who we believe is best equipped to lead us through this crisis. Polls show climate is the top priority for Canadians this election, but few of us have truly wrapped our heads around the level of action necessary to avert catastrophe.

Any candidate who doesn’t have a plan to end Canada’s reliance on fossil fuels isn’t fit to govern.

As people with big smiles and big promises knock on your door over the coming weeks, ask them what their plan is to maintain a livable climate. And when they answer with the typical talking points use our one-page guide to ask for concrete details. Print it out and keep it by your front door or have it with you for candidate debates!

This election — and every election until energy transition is complete — is about who will take on oil and gas companies while supporting the workers and communities left in their wake. Anything less is simply not acceptable.

For the climate,
Peter McCartney
Climate Campaigner
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