We need huge numbers now

We need huge numbers now r1 ... r33 We are honoured to do this work as guests on traditional territory of the Pacheedaht and Ditidaht First Nations. We work with utmost respect for the land and all its relations, human and nonhuman. Logging begins near River Camp tomorrow; we need huge numbers on site now Images of the Caycuse cutblocks from last week from @arvinoutside. The past weeks have brought a massive and aggressive RCMP effort at the frontlines. We've just lost our last camps up the mountain, including River Camp, Heli Camp, and Land Back, and Aurora's Alley has been bulldozed. Cutblocks have been marked and logging trucks are on site, ready to begin clearcutting now that fire risk is diminished.

If you can make it to the frontlines TONIGHT, rendezvous with the group a few hundred meters up Bear Main, just past the San Juan Recreation Site. If that's not possible, join us at the gates of HQ tomorrow morning before 7am. Bring as many people as you can.

This could be our literal Last Stand. Yesterday our movement became the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history, with 866 arrests of peaceful land defenders. Let's keep it up. DONATE TO SUPPORT THE BLOCKADES. This fundraiser directly supports legal funding for Indigenous Land Defenders and activist protectors working on the frontlines of this campaign. DONATE Recent clear-cutting immediately west of the Fairy Creek valley, near 2000 Road, viewed from a helicopter. Fairy Creek is just over the ridge, about 100 metres from the clear-cut. Much more clear-cutting has been approved in these old-growth forests surrounding Fairy Creek. Photo: Shawna Knight Clearcutting continues outside the deferral area
Logging has begun again in the Fairy Creek area as fire risk has diminished with cooler weather.

Some of the ancient yellow cedars on slopes leading up to Fairy Creek are considered to be up to 2000 years old. Scientists have found evidence of numerous endangered birds and other species, particularly near Heli Camp. BC has no legislation to protect species at risk.

Logging will also continue in the 2000 Road area, another corner of the same old-growth forest which surrounds the now-deferred valley of Fairy Creek itself. Cutblocks are as close as 100 metres from the Fairy Creek watershed.

Although Premier Horgan announced a deferral in June, it affected only the Fairy Creek valley, and a small area in the Central Walbran. Altogether, a combined total of just 14 hectares was deferred from logging for two years.

The Premier also said that more deferrals would be announced “this summer," however, in the meantime, much of the old-growth forest that lies immediately outside the valley of Fairy Creek can still be logged and the government remains silent.

We demand an immediate end to all old-growth logging and restoration of BC's rainforests, including:
  1. A return of unceded land to Indigenous Nations
  2. Conservation financing for Indigenous Nations
  3. A ban on raw log timber exports
  4. A just transition away from old growth and clear cut logging
Please help us by forwarding this newsletter to any friends or family you feel would like to be involved or learn more. They can join our list here.

About Rainforest Flying Squad

The Rainforest Flying Squad is a volunteer-driven, grassroots, non-violent direct-action movement committed to protecting the last stands of globally significant ancient temperate rainforest on Vancouver Island. Rainforest Flying Squad and LastStandforForests work with other like-minded organizations. We stand in solidarity with Elder Bill Jones of the Pacheedaht Nation.

More information at laststandforforests.com.

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