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r1 New report on the Trans Mountain Pipeline project ... Dear Paov,

I’ve never been so close to a forest fire. On a recent trip back from Secwepemc territory to monitor and witness the surveillance along the Trans Mountain pipeline route, I drove through the thick smoke and glowing trees of the July Mountain fire near the Coquihalla peak, next to a Trans Mountain construction zone.

As scary as that was, it was only a fractal of the overwhelming effects of climate change and environmental damage happening locally and around the world.

From floods in China and western Europe, to wildfires in Greece, Siberia and Turkey, to North American heat waves, fires and drought, impacts in and around British Columbia are just part of the picture.

This summer has given us all a taste of the devastating impacts we’ll continue to live through due to preventable human-caused climate change. And projects like the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project (TMX) are only adding fuel to the fire.


Yesterday, West Coast Environmental Law released this damning report on the delays and cost overruns faced by TMX which calls foul on Trans Mountain’s claims of being ‘on budget and on time.’ Until recently, large parts of the construction route have been under evacuation order due to forest fires, and these are only some of the many delays faced by Trans Mountain that we’ve analyzed in this report.

With the federal election approaching, West Coast is calling on the next federal government to give an updated and transparent cost analysis of TMX before more public money gets wasted.

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With the frightening rate at which our world is changing due to climate change, it’s critical that we keep raising the alarm about projects like TMX. Thank you for being someone we can depend on during this time of need. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today to help us continue our work.


Eugene Kung
Staff Lawyer at West Coast Environmental Law

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