Give BC feedback: killing predators for caribou recovery

Give BC feedback: killing predators for caribou recovery r1 ...

Habitat protection must be priority for caribou

Hi Paov,

Right now BC is consulting on a controversial strategy of killing predators like wolves and cougars to help recover endangered southern mountain caribou. The latest science tells us that without habitat protection, short term measures like a wolf cull will be meaningless and just delay caribou extinction.

Caribou and wildlife need our voice in this consultation. For too long governments have gotten away with shooting wolves from helicopters to save caribou while at the same time allowing corporations to liquidate their habitat.

It’s time we call them out for their hypocrisy in caribou protection. We only have until Nov. 15 to have our voice heard.

Give my feedback now! Caribou need habitat to survive. The ultimate cause of their decline is habitat destruction and alteration which changes predator-prey dynamics, leading to higher predation of caribou. To actually fix this problem, the government must halt logging and other habitat-destroying activities from happening. Then they can focus on habitat restoration and other techniques to block the ways predators access caribou habitat.

Killing predators should be an absolute last-case scenario. Even then it's highly unethical and is not a long-term solution.

Will you tell the government they need habitat protection more than a wolf cull? Fill out the survey! At the end of the survey is a text box for comments. Here, make sure you state the need for habitat protection and that the ongoing wolf cull will be ineffective unless BC actually starts seriously protecting habitat.

For the caribou and for the wolves,
Charlotte Dawe
Conservation and Policy Campaigner
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