Thursday's Nov. 11 Events

Hi Friends,Here are 2 events that are coming up this Thursday you may be interested in attending.In Solidarity,Victoria Friends of Cuba
Memorial to the Veterans of the Spanish Civil War November 11th at 10:30 AM We, again, will mark Remembrance Day by wearing white poppies and sharing our stories. We will assemble at the memorial to the veterans of the Spanish Civil War. This memorial, The Spirit of the Republic, is on Menzies Street near Belleville Street in Victoria, BC. Some years ago people like Terry Wolfwood, Don Startin and others voiced objection to the perceived glorification of war that is carried out at the Cenotaph each November 11th. They started gathering, instead, at the Spirit of the Republic which tells the story of the first combatants in the fight against European fascism. They conceived of the idea of citizens telling their stories in a free, unscripted setting. We continue with this tradition as we have for nearly 20 years. Join us if you will and hear elders, women, youth, immigrants and all others who wish to be heard over the guns of war.

__________________________________________________\Activist and author Yves Engler will be... in Victoria on 11 November 2021 to launch his latest
book, We Stand on Guard for Whom? A People's History of the Canadian Military.
Described as “Canada's foremost feisty contrarian," Engler has written eleven books on
aspects of Canada's foreign policy and international justice. We Stand on Guard for Whom?
(Black Rose Books) is the first book to present a history of the Canadian military from the
perspective of its victims – domestic and global.
Engler will speak and will have copies of his book for sale in the courtyard of the Victoria
Public Library Central Branch, 735 Broughton Street at 2pm on Thursday, 11 November.
COVID protocols will be observed – social distancing and masks at the book buying table.
Vaccine passports will not be requested at this outdoor event.
We Stand on Guard for Whom? sells for $27, with a sliding scale to $17 for lower income.
Cash sales.
Sponsored by the Victoria Peace Coalition.

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