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r1 Last chance to make a tax-deductible donation ... Dear Paov,

This New Year’s Eve I feel so lucky to be with those I love. But the enormity of the moment we are in is never far from mind. I am grieving those we lost this year, and reflecting on the harsh reality of the different environmental challenges we faced in 2021.

From heat domes and droughts, to floods and landslides – the impacts of climate change caught up with us across the country – impacts on our everyday lives that will only continue to grow if we don’t take action immediately.

Despite all the challenges this year, West Coast achieved many different successes thanks to the generosity of our donors like you.

From helping to shape the new Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act, to researching legal tools to reduce the impacts of marine shipping, to creating collaborative legal and policy solutions for climate resilience, West Coast has played a key role in developing strong laws to protect the environment and improve sustainability.

We’re proud of what we were able to accomplish together this year, but the truth is, we don’t know what 2022 holds for us. Paov, that is why I am asking you once more to please consider making a year-end gift to the West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation.

Please donate before midnight PST tonight so that you will receive your tax-deductible receipt for your 2021 income taxes.

As someone who likes to stay updated on our work, I know you believe in our mission to defend and protect the environment through law. Please end 2021 knowing that you are helping pave the way to leave an impact that will last for the next generation. Every dollar you give before midnight PST will help us prepare for the challenges that lie ahead in 2022.


Jessica Clogg
Executive Director & Senior Counsel
West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation

We recognize that our readers are diverse and have unique experiences. Due to the impacts of systemic racism and colonialism, or a variety of other factors affecting financial well-being, some readers may not be able or inclined to make a monetary gift. We welcome your ongoing support and engagement with West Coast in whatever form you choose.

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