Will you join our Seniors' Care Accountability Campaign launch?

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Earlier this month, we shared our disappointment at the BC Government's announcement that they are funding more for-profit long-term care homes -- after making campaign promises to invest in the public and not-for-profit system.

You responded with a clear question: what can we do about this?

Glad you asked! We've been working on a Seniors' Care Accountability Campaign to send a clear message to the BC Government that people across BC will hold them accountable to the commitments they made to improve long-term care and home care. We're excited to tell you all about it and to invite you to join the campaign.

Can you join our General Meeting on June 22 to give this campaign a powerful start?

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Paov, in their 2020 election campaign, the BC NDP made commitments to improve and fund long-term care and... home care. These promises were later reiterated in Minister of Health Adrian Dix's mandate letter.

A year and a half later, it's hard to feel confident in these promises. While the pandemic showed that our NDP-led government can act boldly and decisively to make rapid system improvements, we've also seen how quickly political will can move on to other issues.

We know there is a strong constituency across this province that is ready to support bold investments and system reforms in long-term care and home care. We intend to show this government that we expect them to deliver on their promises.

Will you be part of forming an organized power base strong enough to get the action we need in seniors' care?

Join us on Zoom, June 22 at 2:00 PM and help us build this campaign.

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In solidarity,

Audrey Guay, BC Health Coalition

British Columbia Health Coalition · 3102 Main St, 302, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories, BC V5T 3G7, Canada
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