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An update on the Cambie appeal

Last week at the BC Court of Appeal a panel of three judges unanimously dismissed the appeal launched by Cambie Surgeries Corporation (CSC). The appeal was the latest round in the more than a decade-long legal attack on public health care launched by CSC, one of the largest for-profit clinics in Canada. This upholds the landmark 2020 BC Supreme Court ruling against Cambie Surgeries - one of the most comprehensive and longest verdicts in BC Supreme Court history. READ MORE.

Canada's Health Coalitions Call For New Health Accord

Canada’s premiers met on July 11-12 in Victoria (the traditional and unceded territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən speaking peoples) to call for an increase in federal funding for health care through the Canada Health Transfer... (CHT). While this increase in funding is urgently needed, there should be federal requirements attached to the funding. Health Coalitions across Canada released a Press Statement laying out these federal requirements. READ MORE.


Send a postcard to Minister Adrian Dix

We need to improve and expand publicly funded home support and end for-profit long-term care! However, over the past twenty years, home support has been devalued through inconsistent funding and poor work conditions while for-profit long-term care companies have been pocketing public funds as profits instead of spending them on care. You can join thousands of BCHC members and allies as we demand better care for seniors by sending Minister Dix postcards with our stories and demands for better care.

If you are a family member, worker, senior or just a concerned individual, sign up to share your story with Minister Adrian Dix and demand better care for seniors. Be sure to sign up by July 26.


Primary health care has deteriorated significantly for seniors | Vancouver Sun

Seniors have been disproportionately impacted by the unequal access to health care created by services like Telus Health and other private fee-based health services. Leslie Gaudette and Kathleen Jamieson from the Council of Senior Citizens' Organizations of BC identify the ways in which a two-tiered health system is making health care worse for seniors. READ MORE.

How do we ‘fix’ Canadian health care? Not by forcing patients to pay | Toronto Star

It is dangerous to say we should “fix” our problems with private pay health care. Why? Because public funding isn’t the cause of our problems. The Supreme Court of British Columbia made this abundantly clear in 2020 when it ruled against the Cambie Surgery Corporation’s attempt to overturn key provisions of B.C.’s Medicare Protection Act, including the part that prevents doctors from billing both government and patients for medically necessary care. READ MORE.


"Medicare did not fall from the sky" | Canadian Health Coalition

Medicare was born 60 years ago. Within 10 years, free public health care had spread across Canada. However, the dream of a fully universal, public and comprehensive health care system in Canada has never been fully realized. Listen to this webinar from the CHC on what we all can do to make the dream of universal health care a reality in Canada.

Public Health News, Updates & Resources

Trudeau says Ottawa wants to make sure health spending delivers ‘tangible results’ Provinces and territories have historically moved health transfer money into their general accounts, and in some cases, they have gone on to cut taxes and run surpluses in their budgets. That needs to change if health care is to be improved on the provincial level.

Providence Health Care welcomes back 227 health-care service workers Welcome news as workers critical to providing supportive patient care come back into the public sector.

We need decriminalization for all The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition calls for further decriminalization for all in the face of small BC steps to decriminalize drug possession. Many drug users will not reap the benefits of decriminalization particularly those in rural and remote communities who already bear the disproportionate brunt of drug prohibition.

BC’s Opioid Lawsuit Win No Cause for Celebration, Say Advocates A BC-led lawsuit against Purdue Pharma Canada results in a settlement for the company's marketing of opioid pain medications but advocates say the lawsuit is also an exercise in distracting from the government’s failure to introduce safe supply.

Telus Health denies allegations that its fee-based services create two-tier medical system Telus Health and other private fee-based health services has been slowly building a two-tiered system were the wealthy can cut in line for treatment. After public pressure, the Medical Services Commission is finally looking into complaints.

As B.C. health-care system 'teetering,' health minister angers doctors again Roughly 40 per cent of a family doctor’s annual salary goes to cover the overhead of running their practice, which often requires hours of unpaid work, so one-off solutions by the BC government like debt forgiveness don't solve the crisis of primary health care access.

NHS privatisation drive linked to rise in avoidable deaths, study suggests The privatisation of the National Health Service in the UK has corresponded with a decline in quality and “significantly increased” rates of death from treatable causes, the first study of its kind says.

B.C. Clinics: a new business model for doctors There’s no shortage of doctors in B.C. — there’s a shortage in doctors who want to start up their own medical business. British Columbia has about 6,800 family doctors by training but less than half of them are practicing traditional family medicine. Doctors identify fee-for-service as the barrier to them practicing family medicine. There has to be a better way.

Media Spotlight: BCHC spokespeople on the Cambie appeal decision

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