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r1 Learn how we can protect the Great Bear Sea ... DONATE NOW Exciting things are happening in the Great Bear Sea!
Hey Paov,

Have you heard the big news? After years of hard work, we're so close to finally creating the first Marine Protected Area (MPA) network in Canada!

The proposed plan for the life-sustaining Great Bear Sea – developed by Indigenous nations and the governments of BC and Canada – is expected to be released for public consultations in the coming weeks. This is a chance for Canadians and coastal residents to provide their input to shape the future of this network.

Need a refresher on MPAs? We created a new video explaining how we can preserve the wonders of the Great Bear Sea through MPAs.

Watch our video explaining marine protected areas and the positive impacts they can have for generations!
Only a small fraction of the ocean has been legally protected from damaging industrial activities. In addition to climate change and habitat destruction, commercial shipping and overfishing pose some of the greatest threats to the marine web of life. A network of well-managed MPAs can help limit the harm to ocean species, while providing lasting benefits for people who rely on the seas.

Paov, our donors and supporters not only allow us to work towards developing an MPA network in the Great Bear Sea – they also help us get closer to achieving some other key goals, such as:
  • Creating a coastal marine strategy and law for British Columbia
  • Working alongside Indigenous partners to revitalize and apply Indigenous ocean laws
  • Protecting fish and wildlife through an ecosystem-based management approach
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Without our donors and supporters, none of this would be possible.

Stay tuned next week and throughout this fall for more information on how you can take action and be a part of this exciting MPA network movement.

With gratitude,

The Marine Team at WCEL
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