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Hi Paov,

I’m so happy to be introducing myself as a new member of the staff team at West Coast Environmental Law.

I joined West Coast because I saw the organization taking on innovative strategies to address complex environmental challenges. The work gave me hope, and I wanted to be a part of sharing that hope with others.

Marine protected areas, which my colleague Michael explains below, are one example of a legal solution that can be implemented to support ocean wildlife and benefit coastal communities.

We want to see fish and marine species return to healthy levels, and you can join us to make it happen!

Donate Today
Please make a donation to support our marine lawyers today. Your donation will bolster our efforts to safeguard marine biodiversity.

And you could be a part of a major milestone: establishing the first marine protected area network in Canada.

Sambriddhi Nepal

Director of Development DONATE NOW We're about to establish Canada's first marine protected area network
Dear Paov,

Did you get a chance to see the video we shared with you last week that explains the power of marine protected areas? Marine protected areas, or MPAs, are areas in the ocean that are legally set aside for long-term conservation aims – like national parks in the water.

Today, we’re asking for your help to continue the momentum in establishing Canada’s very first MPA network in the Great Bear Sea.

The MPA network – co-developed by 17 First Nations, BC and Canada – is breaking new ground in terms of Indigenous co-governance and upholds the stewardship laws and values of coastal Indigenous Peoples. Our marine lawyers are working with Indigenous allies to protect the marine life that we all rely upon through the establishment of MPA networks.

The proposed plan for an MPA Network in the Great Bear Sea will be released soon, and decision-makers will seek input from Canadians and coastal residents. And establishment of this MPA Network can...

Paov, with the increasing impacts of ocean mismanagement and climate change, we need your help to create safe havens for marine wildlife like salmon, herring and whales, so that ecologically-important species are able to return to healthy levels. HELP MARINE WILDLIFE THRIVE Establishing MPAs in the ocean is one of the most effective ways to safeguard marine biodiversity. Your donation today can help us ensure that the legal tools available to protect sensitive areas of the sea are used effectively to maintain healthy oceans and marine wildlife.
As a donor, we know you believe in our work Paov. In Canada, it is a true privilege to have access to not only one ocean, but three – and it is our responsibility to protect them in every way we can. Please make a donation today to help us continue our life-saving work for the oceans and marine species.


Michael Bissonnette
Staff Lawyer at West Coast Environmental Law

P.S. – we want to establish Canada’s first MPA network in the Great Bear Sea. Join us as we work to safeguard marine biodiversity. Please make a donation today.

We recognize that our readers are diverse and have unique experiences. Due to the impacts of systemic racism and colonialism, or a variety of other factors affecting financial well-being, some readers may not be able or inclined to make a monetary gift. We welcome your ongoing support and engagement with West Coast in whatever form you choose. FacebookTwitter Instagram LinkedInYouTube West Coast Environmental Law
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