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On the evening of October 11, members of the BC Health Coalition, allied organizations, seniors, workers, and families from all over BC came together at our Accountability Assembly to host Minister of Health Adrian Dix. Five storytellers representing seniors, families, and workers shared their Home Support and Long-Term Care stories and each asked a question to the Minister. You can watch the event and read our report back HERE.

Storytellers asked the Minister questions on his mandate

The Assembly was the culmination of months of work by the BCHC Accountability Assembly Project Team, with representatives from seniors organizations, labour unions, Family Councils and other labour and community groups.

Over 150 organizational participants representing tens of thousands of individual members and 400 individual participants made it clear to Minister Dix that we need to improve and expand publicly funded home care and end for-profit long-term care! If you haven't yet, please read our report back and watch the event on our website.

Watch Now

Our "Better Care for Seniors" campaign is not over yet. The Accountability Assembly was just our first major step. Over the next few months, the BCHC will be following up with the Minister and continuing our work to push the BC government to meet and go beyond their existing seniors care mandate. Stay tuned for more details!

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