Paov, dont miss the 2022 tax deadlin

r1 It’s not too late to give a gift that can protect the environment for generations ... Hi Paov,

I have been fortunate to spend this holiday season close to my loved ones. Being under one roof with the warmth of my family feels particularly precious as I reflect on environmental disasters this past year that have disrupted the lives and homes of countless people in BC and around the world.

Throughout 2022, we’ve all seen the impacts of these environmental disasters. From mass monsoon flooding across Asia, to heat waves in Europe, and record-breaking droughts in parts of BC – these are all just a taste of what could soon become the norm for us all.

Paov, I’m writing to you today because climate change and the impacts of extreme weather events could cost Canada $139 billion by 2050 due to flooding, drought and other disasters.

That is why we’re working harder than ever to create innovative legal solutions and advocate for strong laws and policies at all levels of government to protect land, air, water and communities – before we start facing bigger floods, wildfires, and storms.

Will you make a special year-end gift before midnight (PST) December 31 so that we can prepare for what lies ahead in 2023?

As we go into 2023, some of our priorities at West Coast Environment Law include:
  • Leading the public conversation in BC about suing Big Oil and holding the fossil fuel industry legally accountable for paying its fair share of the climate change costs facing our communities;
  • Collaborating on initiatives that support green infrastructure in our communities
  • Strengthening the legal safety net for oceans and marine ecosystems with new protected areas and a BC Coastal Marine Strategy
  • Working alongside Indigenous partners to develop and implement projects grounded in their Indigenous laws through our RELAW (Revitalizing Indigenous Law for Land, Air & Water) program; and
  • Providing accessible legal information and educational resources for communities – strengthening public understanding of environmental laws and policies, and why they matter.
I hope you believe in our mission to defend and protect the environment through law. Please end 2022 with a gift of any size before December 31 knowing you’ll be helping us prepare for the challenges that lie ahead next year.


Jessica Clogg
Executive Director & Senior Counsel
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West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation
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