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Hello Paov,

My colleague Sambriddhi sent the email below earlier today, and as the last few hours of 2022 are upon us, and I wanted to ensure you saw it.

To echo Sambriddhi’s words, we can choose to keep going as we always have, or we can choose to go into the future on a better path.

Paov, can we count on your support as we embark on a new year of developing environmental protections the are comprehensive, collective, and just?

Tonight at 11:59PM PST is the deadline to make a gift and receive a charitable donation receipt for 2022.

On behalf of the entire WCEL team, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful start to 2023.

With appreciation,

Georgia Beaty
Donor Relations Specialist
Dear Paov,

As we count down to 2023, if you’re like me, you’re reflecting on the 2022 and what it brought us. I joined West Coast Environmental Law earlier this year. In my time at the organization, I’ve had the opportunity to hear from supporters like you and understand what motivates them to be a part of our community.

Time and time again I’ve heard from people that they want to shift their attention to the environment and doing what they can to protect biodiversity, hold polluters accountable, and stand in support of Indigenous laws and sovereignty.

It feels like we are at a fork in a road. We can choose to keep going as we always have, or we can choose to go into the future on a better path.

Will you join us by making a donation before midnight PST to help us prepare for 2023 and continue to change the legal paths that we take in BC and Canada?

At West Coast, we create innovative legal solutions and advocate for strong laws and policies to protect land, air, water and communities.

Your donation tonight can help us go even further in 2023 than we have before. We have ambitious goals this coming year, and we need your support tonight so that we can:
  • Work alongside Indigenous partners to develop and implement projects grounded in Indigenous laws;
  • Collaborate on initiatives that support green infrastructure in our communities;
  • Work toward leading the public conversation in BC about suing Big Oil and holding the fossil fuel industry legally accountable for paying its fair share of the climate change costs facing our communities;
  • And more!
At the core of this work is hope. Hope that our efforts will result in changed laws and shifts in public opinion. Hope that it will make systemic change that will last generations to come. Hope that it will, ultimately, lead to a safer planet for our descendants.

The law is one way that we can protect the environment. I hope that you will join us before the end of this year in our efforts to change the legal landscape throughout 2023.

Paov – don’t wait any longer. Please make a donation tonight before midnight PST in order to receive a tax-deductible receipt for 2022.


Sambriddhi Nepal
Director of Development
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toll-free in BC: 1.800.330.WCEL
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