New Year for Solidarity

Friends,As we enter the new year our Victoria Friends of Cuba committee would like to wish all the best to all of you who have been supportive of our efforts and bracing ourselves in support and solidarity with Cuba while working to put an end to the criminal and illegal US blockade. We also wish that this new year will be a better one for Cuba and its citizens, and we are fully prepared to work to achieve it alongside them in the hope that we can count on your continued support.
This new year marks 64 years since Cuba freed itself from US control. The first liberated country in Latin America and the Caribbean. Allthough many other countries in the region have been and are attempting to do the same, Cuba has been made to pay a high price for it. Beginning with an invasion and a blockade fully planned and funded by the US government, and continuing with atrocious deeds like their support for mercenary, mafia, and terrorist organisations that have caused the Cuban people untold suffering, devastation, and death.
Despite the harsh external circumstances that Cubans have had to endure since 1959, they have not only resisted... but have actually advanced. Cuba can be proud of its accomplishments in fields, such as medicine, education, science, sports and numerous others.
Undoubtedly, 2022, will go down in history as one of the most difficult years that Cubans have experienced since the revolution's victory. There was the ongoing COVID pandemic to contend with; in May, a gas explosion at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana killed close to 50 people and left the building 70% destroyed; and in August, a massive explosion of oil storage tanks in Matanza caused by a lightning strike resulted in additional fatalities and additional destruction. Hurricane Ian also hit Cuba in September, wreaking havoc on the island by destroying enormous ammounts of homes, public structures, electrical lines, and much more.
While the country had to deal with such major accidents and natural disasters, the US maintained its sadistic and illegal blockade against Cuba, which negatively keeps effecting Cuba’s economy, finance, and commerce and leaving every Cuban suffering from it.
As many of us are aware, over the years, a broad spectrum of labour unions, women, students, religious and solidarity organisations, and politicians have condemned the blockade globally. For the thirty-first year running, 185 countries voted against the blockade in the UN General Assembly in November of last year. The only two countries to support the blockade were the United States and Israel's apartheid regime. While the US claims to be the champion of democracy, freedom, and human rights, its hypocrisy is on clear display when it continues to impose such a sadistic blockade while the whole world continually rejects it.
There are human rights violations in Cuba, but contrary to what the US would have people believe, it is the US government that is responsible for these violations by enforcing this illegal blockade and continuing to run its torture facility at the occupied Guantanamo military site.
Our Victoria Friends of Cuba Committee reaffirms our commitment in this new year to work to end the US criminal blockade against Cuba. May this year bring more justice, peace, and equality as we work to uphold our commitment to solidarity and friendship.
Celebrating the Cuban Revolution’s64th year
4:00pm Saturday Jan. 141335 Thurlow Victoria (off Fairfield)Fairfield Gonzales Community AssociationGarry Oak Room
Pot-luck Supper - Live Music - Speakers - Short Documentary
Admission by Donation
100% of all contributions will go towards purchasing humanitarian aid to be delivered by our committee to Cuba later in January

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