[evoz] Jane Brett's Protest Banners - Invitation for pick-up.

Greetings to all, Those of us who knew the incomparable Jane Brett continue to miss her kind friendship and passionate activism. She crafted many creative banners for a range of causes with talented artistry. Jane’s daughter, Avril would like to find homes for as many of these banners as possible. Some of the causes Jane supported included Peace; Free Palestine; Stop Site C; Climate Justice and much more. If this time and place does not work for you. consider sending a friend for pick-up. It would be wonderful to see some of these amazing banners reused in Jane’s memory. Please feel free to share this information and to contact Avril with any inquiries. Love and Peace! Heather r52 Protest Banners - Invitation Dear Friends,

My Mother’s beautiful and impactful demonstration banners and signs are looking for new homes and new events to attend.

If you would like one (or more) please come on March 14th from 2-6pm to select and pickup.

The address: 4030 Hessington Place, Victoria.

The banners and signs will be in the carport (under the red deck). Please help yourself.

You can view what’s available using this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iviAcaNghQbN92Sa6

Please reach out if you have any questions or if you are hoping to have a particular sign set aside.

Many thanks,


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