Defending nature at the Supreme Court of Canada

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The Impact Assessment Act is one of Canada’s most critical environmental laws. It’s our main tool for assessing the environmental and social impacts of major projects or proposals, like mines, pipelines and dams. It provides transparency and allows us to make informed decisions to protect the health of nature, climate and communities.

That’s why it was so disappointing that the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled last year that the Act is unconstitutional.

The matter is set to be heard next week at the Supreme Court of Canada, where West Coast will be intervening to defend this necessary law on behalf of the land, air, water, and all who rely on a healthy environment.

Is the Impact Assessment Act constitutional? The Supreme Court of Canada will decide As we confront climate change and the biodiversity crisis, and move toward reconciliation, we must look even more closely at the risks major projects may impose – rather than looking away. The Impact Assessment Act is simply smart environmental decision-making, not jurisdictional overreach, as the Alberta Court of Appeal claims.

With the Supreme Court hearing approaching on March 21-22, Staff Lawyer Anna Johnston explains why this case matters.
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