Is Canada still the cruise industrys

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“Uncharted territory” is becoming an increasingly common phrase to describe the converging crises we face. July kicked off with the planet logging its hottest day in over 100,000 years, a record which was promptly smashed in the following days.

While Earth is topping the charts for all the wrong reasons, the West Coast team has been busy this summer talking to folks about ways we can rise to our environmental challenges – from tackling climate change to reducing ocean pollution.

Keep scrolling to find out what we’ve been up to and how we can support solutions backed by law.

Canada issued a long-awaited cruise ship dumping order, but are we still the cruise ship toilet bowl? Transport Canada’s new legal order imposing stronger restrictions on cruise ship dumping is a welcome step, but the fine print contains large loopholes and omissions that could permit cruise ships to continue dumping sewage and greywater along the BC coast.

Tell Transport Canada that we need to close these loopholes and address scrubber washwater (the biggest source of ship-based marine pollution).
Hot off the presses: New TMX stickers! Our new Together Against Trans Mountain sticker features five species standing up to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project (TMX): orcas, salmon, Anna's hummingbirds, red-breasted sapsuckers, and Oregon forestsnails.

Learn more about how our animal allies, big and small, are doing their part and making a difference to stop TMX.
What’s next for the Fraser Estuary after the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 decision? The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 expansion was recently given the green light despite review panel findings that the project would have significant adverse effects on ecosystems in the Fraser River estuary.

The fate of the project is still in the air as we await the outcome of judicial reviews of the project’s approval.
Whether this project proceeds or not, we know we need to do a lot more to ensure one of the world’s great estuaries maintains its health for generations to come. Staff Lawyer Deborah Carlson explains what this can look like. Will the updated Canadian Environmental Protection Act help address environmental racism? Bea Silver (Semá:th First Nation Elder & former elected Chief) is raising alarm over a plastics factory that’s been exposing the surrounding Semá:th community to high levels of industrial pollution and making people sick. It’s an all-too-common example of environmental racism, says Silver.

This Tyee article looks at how recent updates to Canada’s cornerstone environmental law can provide tools to protect communities like Bea's from harm. West Coast is proud to support Bea in addressing the impacts of the facility through our Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund.
Collaboration for the Coast Teamwork makes the dream work, and we just want to say a big thank you to everyone who made their voice heard to ensure BC’s forthcoming Coastal Marine Strategy is as strong as it can be for the health of the coast and ocean, and the communities that rely on them.

Informed by your enthusiastic feedback, the Province and coastal Indigenous nations are now developing the Strategy together, which is anticipated to be released during early to mid-2024. Read more about the process.

West Coast is building collective power to achieve a more just and sustainable future for generations to come. Will you support our work to transform the legal landscape, by making a donation today?

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