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Dear Paov,

Throughout this summer, the rising threat of climate disaster has been difficult to ignore. From raging wildfires and evacuated communities, to smoke-filled skies and extreme heat, to flooding and powerful storms, the climate crisis is hitting home for people in BC and across the country.

Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected, and we hope you are staying safe.

Right now we have an opportunity to put a cap on the rising oil and gas industry emissions that have helped fuel these wildfires and disasters. By acting to reduce fossil fuel pollution, we can save homes and communities from future impacts.

With many Canadians still under evacuation due to wildfires, MPs are preparing to return to work in Ottawa. The draft regulations for the emissions cap are expected this fall – but industry lobbying has sparked concerns that they may be delayed.

At this crucial moment for the climate, we can’t let the federal government lose sight of their promise to get tougher with the oil and gas industry by putting a strong cap on the sector’s emissions.

Send a postcard now

The oil and gas industry is Canada’s largest source of greenhouse gas pollution, and its emissions have continued to rise while Canadians and other sectors of the economy have worked hard to reduce their climate impacts. We cannot rely on the industry’s promises to cut pollution on their own – we’ve already seen oil companies walking back their climate commitments in favour of fossil fuel profits, and the stakes are simply too high for our communities.

Reducing oil and gas industry pollution is critical for Canada to make real progress on our climate commitments, and a stringent emissions cap will help us get there.

Use this online tool to send a personalized postcard to your MP, urging them to establish an emissions cap without delay.

Just select your favourite postcard design, write your customized message drawing from speaking points provided, and we’ll handle the printing and delivery.

Thousands of these postcards have been mailed so far and are already having an impact. (If you’ve sent one already, thank you!)
There is no single solution that will fix the climate crisis. But every action you take – big or small – can help to counter the climate despair and contribute to a healthier planet.

Thank you and take care,

Andrew Gage
Staff Lawyer, West Coast Environmental Law

P.S. Wondering what else you can do to channel your climate concern into action? Join friends and allies for the Global Climate Strike! Climate marches and events to #EndFossilFuels are happening worldwide Sept. 15-17 – find one near you.
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