What does a better world look like?

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Check out our dreamy sketch of 2050

Hi Paov,

All over the world this weekend, communities are taking to the streets to demand a better world as part of the global March to End Fossil Fuels. After a summer of brutal climate disasters, it can be hard to picture victory — what that world actually looks like.

Last year, our staff put our heads together to come up with a vision of the world we’re working for. Over the summer, we worked with artist Katie Laronde from Drawing Change, who turned our conversation into this gorgeous illustration.

Now I’m happy to share it with you in graphic form.

If you’re anything like the rest of us, a little reminder that a better world is possible is necessary from time to time. Despite often bleak news about the biodiversity and climate crises, with enough of us working to take care of the planet and each other — we'll get there. Millions... of people across the globe are demanding it as you read this.

Thanks for being a part of that movement. Have a look at our ideas of what success could look like. While this graphic only represents a handful of people’s vision, we invite you to think about what the world you want to see in 2050 looks like. Try and figure out what small role you want to play in bringing that world into being.

Together we can fight until it’s a reality.

For the climate,

Torrance Coste

National Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee

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