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Picture a place you love. What do you see? Hear? Feel?

Mountains, rivers, oceans, forests, meadows, wetlands – these places are interwoven with our lives. They are home to not only people, but also animals, plants, and microorganisms that make our world livable. These are the creatures that make an ecosystem thrive.

The term biodiversity describes the variety of all living things on Earth, and their interactions with each other. These interactions are crucial for clean air, water, and food security.

And these interactions are being threatened everyday. No matter where you live, the natural world and the climate around you are being impacted by biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation.

There are signs of hope, though.

The BC government recently committed to implementing legislation to prioritize biodiversity and ecosystem health in decision-making across all resource sectors.

However, progress has been slow and there is just a narrow window left until the next provincial election.

Alongside Indigenous peoples, communities, and groups across the province we have been advocating for a paradigm shift in the way we interact with nature. People who believe thriving ecosystems should be protected are making themselves heard.

I encourage you to hear from a few of these voices in a new blog series entitled Indigenous Law in Language. This series features several interviews with Indigenous language speakers, as well as western-trained scientists to explore words and concepts related to biodiversity and ecosystem health.

At West Coast, we believe effectively protecting and restoring healthy fully functioning ecosystems in BC is possible through a Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Law – co-developed with First Nations – that focuses on restoring healthy relationships between humans and the natural world.

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing more about West Coast’s work to advance a new law to provide lasting support to ecosystems in BC.

Staff Lawyer Whitney Lafreniere Vicente will be reaching out to you soon. Look out for her name in your inbox.

Stay tuned,

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