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Hi Paov,

My name is Whitney and I'm a Staff Lawyer at West Coast Environmental Law.

I work on issues of biodiversity and ecosystem health, with the goal of using the law to help heal relationships between humans and the natural world, so that we both can thrive.

Because of long-standing BC resource laws that allow companies to put profit before community and ecological resilience, we’re losing biodiversity very quickly.

I feel frustrated as I see the harmful actions of powerful resource companies, and the slow pace of government to act on their commitments.

We’re at a tipping point. Only so much of the web of life can be impacted before we cannot bounce back.

Much has been lost, but together we can build a more resilient future.

We at West Coast believe that effectively protecting and restoring healthy, thriving ecosystems in BC is possible through a Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Law – co-developed with First Nations – that focuses on restoring healthy relationships between humans and the natural world.

Paov, will you join us in advocating for a future that prioritizes healthy, fully functioning ecosystems?

After more than 150 years of prioritizing resource extraction over environmental and community well-being, BC needs a different approach.

With your donation, we will advocate for strong laws that protect biodiversity. We will advocate for maintaining the connections between ourselves and the natural world around us.

Paov, we need your support to make this paradigm shift a reality in BC.

I believe we can create a future where biodiversity is given the respect it deserves.

I hope you will join us so we can get there together.


Whitney Lafreniere Vicente
Staff Lawyer

P.S. We’re losing biodiversity in this special place we call home. Donate today to support West Coast in developing legal tools that allow the natural world to survive and thrive.

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Photo credit: James Wheeler (Unsplash)

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