[evoz] Social Justice Film Night

Social Justice Film Night presents:
“ITHAKA”A father. A family. A fight for justice.7pm Thursday, Oct. 19 at Cedar Shores75 Gorge Rd. W.Recreration Bldg.

The world's most famous political prisoner, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, has become an emblem of an international arm wrestle over freedom of journalism, government corruption and unpunished war crimes. Now with Julian facing a 175-year sentence if extradited to the US, his family members are confronting the prospect of losing Julian forever to the abyss of the US justice system. This David-and-Goliath struggle is personal -- and, with Julian's health declining in a British maximum-security prison, the clock is ticking.

5:30pm there will be smokeys on buns with beverages served... at $7 each

Sponsored by the Victoria Friends of Cuba committee

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