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Hi Paov,

There is a place where sea birds sing while feeding in estuaries; whale species thrive, feeding on krill in deep fjords; and otters play in the kelp forests, gathering clams and feasting while floating on their backs.

It’s called the Great Bear Sea, just 200 kilometers from our office in Vancouver, and it’s a remarkable marine ecosystem. People and nature have coexisted here for millennia.

But biodiversity loss, habitat loss, and rising temperatures are impacting ocean life. And these impacts can lead to further changes on land. Keystone species like orca, salmon, and grizzly bears are at risk.

Ocean conservation is climate action. We need strong legal solutions to prevent further loss and harm.

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Cruise ships sail along BC’s coastal waters as tourists take in the beauty of this unique landscape.

A recent report co-developed by West Coast found that because Canadian regulations of cruise ship waste are much weaker than those in the United States, cruise ships travelling to Alaska are encouraged to dump their polluting waste in the pristine waters of Great Bear Sea.

Something needs to change.

In the coming months, we will be pressing Transport Canada to develop stronger regulations around cruise ship pollution. We’ll be working to see the world’s first Indigenous-led marine protected area network implemented in the Great Bear Sea.

West Coast is the only environmental law organization in Canada with a dedicated marine law program.

We believe the law is one tool we can use to protect our oceans. Strong legal reforms need qualified lawyers to stand behind them. We need legal solutions that are long-lasting and follow the lead of Indigenous nations.

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With hope,

Stephanie Hewson
Staff Lawyer
West Coast Environmental Law

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