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As my colleague Stephanie mentioned in the email below, our relationship with the ocean is at stake. Will you join us in developing legal protections for the coast and ocean?

Legally protecting the ocean is a complicated task. Strong legal reforms need qualified lawyers to stand behind them. We need legal solutions that are long-lasting and follow the lead of Indigenous nations.

From urging governments to develop stronger legislation, to working to bridge the gap between Indigenous and Canadian law, to advocating for a Coastal Marine Strategy, our team is knowledgeable, effective, and has a deep respect for the ocean and marine life.

Everyday, I see West Coast’s legal staff approach legal solutions with dedication and thoughtfulness.

I hope you will join them in this important work by making a donation today.


Sambriddhi Nepal
Director of Development

Paov, if I asked you to picture climate change and its impacts, what comes to mind?

Most often people think of wildfires, storms, and changing weather patterns on land. However, changes happen on land in part because the ocean is facing challenges as well.

Biodiversity loss, habitat loss, and rising temperatures are impacting the ocean and leading to further changes on land.

Interconnected problems need interconnected solutions. Please donate today to support thoughtful approaches to marine protection.
One thing is clear: The ocean needs to be protected to prevent further loss and harm.

My colleagues Erin, Georgia, and I work on Marine Protected Areas. We navigate complex jurisdictions and legal parameters. Marine Protected Areas act like parks on land, allowing ecosystems to recover, and species to thrive. We are working on supporting Indigenous governance and jurisdiction in Marine Protected Areas and throughout First Nations’ ocean territories.

No matter the marine issue that we’re tackling, we work knowing that ocean conservation is climate action.

Will you take action with us, and make a donation today?
Our relationship with the ocean is at stake. Cultural connections, food security, and climate impacts are all at stake. We can stand together and develop strong legal solutions for ocean conservation.

I’m proud to work with my team at West Coast because we understand that these interconnected problems require interconnected solutions.

Together, working through the complexities of the law and respecting Indigenous sovereignty, we can show the ocean that we care.

Paov, let’s show our love and respect for the ocean. Join us by making a donation today.

With gratitude,

Stephanie Hewson
Staff Lawyer
West Coast Environmental Law

P.S. – We need to protect the ocean with stronger laws to prevent further loss and harm. Please support West Coast’s Marine Team by making a donation today.

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